MRED Alumni Scholarship Information


In today’s real estate market, a graduate degree is essential for career advancement and represents a greater level of expertise. Philanthropic investments in financial aid are critical for the MRED program to compete for outstanding students and drive quality cohorts to our program. In many cases, it opens a door of opportunity for a student to finance their education and achieve their long term goals.  As MRED alumni, it is imperative that we take a leadership role in building our future community.   We invite you to invest in our most talented MRED students through the MRED Alumni Chapter Scholarship at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Our goal is to raise $50,000 over the next five years to provide financial assistance to deserving students who might not otherwise matriculate into the program.


It is our desire to have a significant impact on the success of the program, as well as acknowledge the hard work of those who have contributed to this success. With the support of our alumni community, we will provide life-changing opportunities for talented MRED students.


Please join us! Your generous gift will help to preserve and increase the quality of the MRED program, the value of your degree, and future of the alumni as an impactful organization.  To contribute to the continued success of the MRED Program, please visit   Thank you for your support!